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Acquire Z Legal Data Resources, LLC and own the left side of the EDRM.


Z Legal's mission from the start was to create a Proprietary Custom-Built Unified Data Stack as the worldwide standard in the legal-support market for advanced data archiving, management, security, compliance, eDiscovery, and ECA.

Imagined by a generation of experience servicing the top global law firms with market-leading EAS data archiving, management, monitoring, security, and eDiscovery solutions - Z Legal's Proprietary Unified Data Stack has been Custom-Built for them by PremCloud Resources, the creators of their nonpareil Unified Data Platform, Autonomic Resources’ ARC-P [the first to FedRAMP ATO], and a variety of market-leading technologies. 


In order to realize Z Legal's vision of worldwide adoption, they strategically built, branded, positioned, and launched Z Legal Data Resources, LLC for acquisition by a strategic partner with an existing service provider platform and the global market reach to bring their vision to fruition.




The Technology

Z Legal’s Unified Data Stack is the industry leader in data governance and data management solutions - as well with generative AI.  Our Data Connect, Ai Data Detect, Data Drop, Advanced Archive, and Unified Data Optic is readily deployable in any cloud or on-premise environment.


IP Ownership

Gain significant market value with actual ownership of your data management IP [that would cost well over $50M to replicate our entire data stack], along with the flexibility of owning the Source Code.  All of which ensures unlimited deployment and total control.


27 Beta Accounts

Z Legal’s extraordinary beta accounts add instant access to the top two global law firms, 13 of the top AM 100, and a total of 27 premier international law firms and legal-oriented businesses.  Additionally, Z Legal is already profitable with a ‘sticky’ revenue stream.


Speed to Market

With the acquisition of Z Legal, you are not only gaining unrivaled intellectual property at a fraction of the full development cost, but immediate activation, performance, revenue, and value—as well as instant access to an expanded market.


Z Legal Beta-Account Base
Included in the sale will be the premier 27 international law firms [including the top two law firms in the world, Kirkland & Ellis and Latham & Watkins] that are part of our ZNZ Resources Beta Accounts.  I hope we have finally convinced everyone of just what an incredible and valuable resource our legacy accounts really are.

Kirkland & Ellis is the world’s largest law firm by revenue and a longtime customer of EAS, relying on EAS’s Microsoft Exchange mailbox management capabilities to support and optimize the storage on its global email system.  In the years since that original use case, Kirkland’s administrative and end-users have adopted additional use cases for EAS, including EAS Discovery and EAS Mobile.  Since adding the EAS Mobile module in 2021, Kirkland & Ellis’s 2700+ attorneys have enjoyed secure and unfettered access to all of the data they need to do their jobs on any device - thanks to Z Legal Data Resources. 

Thanks to Kirkland & Ellis’s love of, and enthusiasm for working with EAS, we have developed a truly collaborative and rewarding client experience.  They are Z Legal’s fastest-growing customer from a license consumption perspective, which greatly excites us as we look forward to partnering with the firm to provide more resources for their growing Z Legal user base. 

Z Legal Revenue Stream
The revenue from the Support & Maintenance and Professional Services fees that the Z Legal Beta Accounts generate will go to the acquirer in full.  PremCloud will continue to provide Support & Maintenance for these Beta Accounts at no charge for three years.  This will ensure that the acquisition is profitable from day one.  The estimated cost of delivering this Support & Maintenance for three years is a maximum of $150k.

Z Legal Unified Data Stack
Most importantly, the acquirer will own the IP of their Z Legal Advanced Archive Data Stack as well as a license in perpetuity for all PremCloud Ai Platform third-party resources that their Custom-Built Ai Data Stack is built on. 

The acquirer will also get $750K in PremCloud Professional Services dedicated to adapting the Z Legal Advanced Archive Data Stack to their current platform, as well as $750k in additional PremCloud Software Development.Z Legal Data Resources has been developed specifically for a vertical market and product extension acquisition, and we are now ready to take this extraordinary startup to market.  


Z Legal Data Resources is a remarkable asset for acquisition because it is the rare technology start-up that combines market-leading proprietary IP, market-leading Beta Accounts, and an already profitable revenue stream. 


Z Legal Data Drop [Z Drop] is a crucial component of the Z Legal Unified Data Stack that simplifies file sync and share and revolutionizes legal workflows.  It provides streamlined data transfer for legal teams, simplifies the handling of data in legal Discovery productions, and centralizes discovery data and supporting information in one place.  Z Drop enhances security, activity tracking, and integration with the Discovery application, making data sharing effortless and efficient.



Acquire Z Legal Data Resources, LLC and own the left side of the EDRM.

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