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UGA Capital Ventures


At UGA Capital Ventures, we specialize in facilitating the development, sale, purchase, or merger of advanced technology businesses, making us the ideal partner for potential acquirers seeking valuable tech companies.  We understand the unique dynamics and intricacies of the tech industry, enabling us to provide tailored solutions for both sellers and buyers.  Here's why partnering with UGA Capital Ventures can significantly enhance your development, sale, purchase, or merger strategy:


  1. Expertise in Tech Business Sales
    Our team possesses extensive knowledge and experience in developing and selling tech businesses.  We stay at the forefront of industry trends, regulatory changes, and transactional best practices.  With our deep understanding of the tech landscape, we can effectively navigate the complexities of the process, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

  2. Accurate Valuation and Pricing
    We conduct comprehensive valuations of tech businesses, considering essential factors such as IP ownership, competitive advantages, market conditions, industry comparables, financial performance, and growth potential.  This enables us to provide accurate valuations that serve as a solid foundation for negotiations, ensuring a maximum competitive pricing strategy.

  3. Strict Confidentiality Measures
    Confidentiality is of paramount importance when dealing with tech companies.  At UGA Capital Ventures, we have robust systems and procedures in place to safeguard sensitive information.  Only qualified and interested buyers who have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) gain access to the business details, ensuring confidentiality for employees, suppliers, customers, and competitors.

  4. Strategic Marketing and Promotion
    We develop targeted marketing strategies to attract qualified buyers specifically interested in tech companies.  Our comprehensive marketing materials, including compelling business profiles and executive summaries, effectively communicate the unique value proposition of the businesses we represent.  Leveraging our extensive networks, industry connections, and online platforms, we ensure maximum exposure to the right audience.

  5. Thorough Buyer Screening and Qualification
    We undertake rigorous buyer screening and qualification processes to identify genuine, financially capable, and experienced buyers who align with the unique characteristics of tech businesses.  Our meticulous approach saves time, mitigates risks, and guarantees that only the most suitable candidates are presented to our clients.

  6. Effective Negotiation and Deal Structuring
    As seasoned intermediaries, we excel in facilitating negotiations between buyers and sellers.  Our expertise in deal structuring, including payment terms, asset allocation, earnouts, and other crucial aspects, ensures mutually beneficial agreements that maximize value for all parties involved.

  7. Comprehensive Due Diligence Support
    We guide both buyers and sellers through the due diligence process, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of financial, legal, risk, and operational aspects.  Our meticulous attention to detail and coordination of information exchange facilitates a smooth due diligence process, minimizing disruptions and addressing any potential issues promptly.

  8. Efficient Transaction Closing
    Working closely with legal and financial professionals, we ensure a streamlined and efficient closing process.  Our expertise in preparing the necessary legal documents, facilitating the transfer of ownership [especially IP ownership], and managing regulatory requirements guarantees a seamless transition for all parties.

Partnering with UGA Capital Ventures means gaining a trusted advisor who understands the intricacies of the tech industry, is dedicated to maximizing value, and maintains the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality.  With our specialized knowledge and comprehensive services, we are the ideal partner to navigate the development, sale, purchase, or merger of tech companies successfully.


UGA Capital Ventures continues to build upon our historical success in bringing technology companies to market.  As a new business brokerage agency, we carry the legacy of our founding partners' remarkable achievements in the information technology realm.  Our team is driven by the vision of facilitating transformative opportunities for developers, buyers, and sellers.


Autonomic Resources

Autonomic Resources, our inaugural success story, blazed a trail in the world of cloud computing. Launched in North Carolina, they developed the groundbreaking FedCloud Platform, ARC-P, becoming the first to secure the highly coveted FedRamp Authorization for a cloud platform for federal agencies.  Remarkably, they achieved this authorization well ahead of industry giants like AWS, Azure, and IBM.  When Autonomic Resources partnered with the forerunner of UGA Capital Ventures, we seized the opportunity to bring this groundbreaking technology to market.  Through our strategic guidance and expertise, we brokered their highly successful acquisition by CSC, a leading federal agency contractor.  This ensured that their ARC-P cloud platform gained maximum exposure and instant recognition among all federal agencies.


Capax Global

Another highlight in our track record is the successful sale of Capax Global.  Led by founding partners Jerry and Jessica Hawk, Capax Global established a reputation for delivering unbelievably complex and technical solutions to some of the world's largest companies.  Their exemplary work with United Airlines exemplifies their expertise and impact in the industry.  At UGA Capital Ventures, we recognized the immense potential of Capax Global's accomplishments.  Guided by our deep understanding of the market, we successfully supported their sale to Hitachi Data Systems.  As a long-standing Microsoft Partner, Capax Global's legacy continues to thrive, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.  To witness our expertise in action and explore the remarkable journey of Capax Global, we invite you to watch Microsoft and United Airlines' captivating video presentation: View here


PremCloud Resources

UGA Capital Ventures is thrilled to exclusively represent PremCloud Resources, an industry leader in advanced technology solutions.  We are excited to present a unique opportunity for potential acquirers to tap into the transformative power of PremCloud's revolutionary Unified Data Stack Program.


PremCloud Resources has developed the groundbreaking Unified Data Stack Program built on their market-leading PremCloud Ai Platform.  This cutting-edge technology has already undergone successful Beta tests with esteemed acquirers like c1 Secure.  Notably, c1 Secure has harnessed the remarkable Ai Data Detect solution to recognize, cleanse, secure, and properly allocate the massive data stores of GE as they undergo a significant split into three autonomous GE entities.


The introduction of the Unified Data Stack is a game-changer for businesses grappling with large-scale data management challenges.  In today's rapidly evolving landscape, it has become increasingly critical to adjudicate massive data stores efficiently and securely.  The Unified Data Stack is the pinnacle solution available today, enabling organizations to seamlessly handle the complexities of data demands.


UGA Capital Ventures has been handpicked by PremCloud Resources to represent a remarkable mix of companies that have already benefited from having a customized Unified Data Stack built for them.  These visionary companies are now seeking acquisition by strategic powers across various market sectors.


In the upcoming months, UGA Capital Ventures is proud to be bringing several exceptional tech companies to the market for acquisition.  These include Z Legal Data Resources, BFSI Data, UnBiasIt, and c1 Secure.  Each of these enterprises has harnessed the power of a PremCloud Custom-Built Unified Data Stack, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for growth, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.

As their exclusive representative, UGA Capital Ventures offers a unique value proposition to potential acquirers.   By acquiring these forward-thinking companies, acquirers will not only gain access to the cutting-edge Unified Data Stack technology [with full ownership of the source code] but also a strategic foothold in key market sectors.  The synergistic potential is immense, as the Unified Data Stack enhances data management capabilities and unlocks new avenues for innovation and competitive advantage.


Chief Portfolio Officer

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Creative Director

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William White is an accomplished leader in the IT industry with a proven track record in sales and bringing businesses to market.  With a wealth of experience, he has successfully navigated the ever-changing tech landscape, driving growth and fostering strategic partnerships.

Jamie Welsted is a 30-year design veteran who understands that design is not just art, it's business.  With a knack for blending artistry and strategic thinking, he's created captivating campaigns for global brands, yielding impactful solutions that resonate and deliver tangible business success.



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Michael McGrath is a licensed CPA in the state of New York.  He has extensive experience in due diligence, audit support, legal mediation and consultation, and Merger & Acquisition deal negotiations and his career has afforded him the opportunity to work on site with clients in 15 states and three countries.

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