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Acquire BFSI Data, Inc for total data compliance in the Financial Industry.


BFSI's mission from the start was to create BFSI Data’s Unified Data Optic as the most comprehensive data governance solution for advanced data archiving, management, security, compliance, and eDiscovery. 


Imagined by a generation of experience servicing leading financial institutions with EAS data archiving, management, monitoring, security, and eDiscovery solutions - BFSI's new market-leading Unified Data Stack has been Purpose-Built by PremCloud Resources, the creators of the nonpareil PremCloud Platform, Autonomic Resources’ ARC-P [the first to FedRAMP ATO], and a variety of market-leading human-augmented Ai data technologies. 

To realize BFSI's vision of worldwide adoption, they've strategically built, branded, positioned, and launched BFSI Data for acquisition by a strategic partner with an existing service provider platform and the global market reach to bring their vision to fruition.




The Technology

BFSI’s Unified Data Stack is the industry leader in data governance and data management solutions - as well with generative AI.  Our Data Connect, Ai Data Detect, Data Drop, Advanced Archive, and Unified Data Optic is readily deployable in any cloud or on-premise environment.


IP Ownership

Gain significant market value with actual ownership of your data management IP [that would cost well over $50M to replicate our entire data stack], along with the flexibility of owning the Source Code.  All of which ensures unlimited deployment and total control.


30 Beta Accounts

BFSI Data’s Unified Data Stack is trusted and leveraged globally by 30 leading strategic beta accounts in the banking, financial services and insurance industry.  Additionally, BFSI Data is already profitable with a ‘sticky’ revenue stream providing instant value.


Speed to Market

With the acquisition of BFSI, you are not only gaining unrivaled intellectual property at a fraction of the full development cost, but immediate activation, performance, and revenue—as well as instant access to an expanded market.


Market Opportunity

According to recent research, enterprises archive varying amounts of data depending on their size, nature of business, and regulatory compliance requirements. Regional banks typically archive between 50 terabytes to 200 terabytes of data annually, while large international banks may archive between several petabytes to over ten petabytes of data. According to a Gartner survey on the cost of data archiving services for enterprise users, the cost of archiving 1 petabyte (PB) of data can range from $25 million to $50 million per year. This cost can vary depending on several factors, including the type of data being stored, the retention period, the storage medium used, and the service level agreements.


Furthermore, organizations use a combination of different archiving technologies and techniques to manage their data, including tape storage, disk-based storage, cloud storage, object storage, data deduplication, and information lifecycle management. BFSI companies have substantial data archiving needs because of their vast amounts of data and stringent compliance and risk regulations. Such requirements can lead to elevated expenses for data archiving.


In terms of the market landscape, there are several players offering enterprise archiving solutions, including Veritas, Proofpoint, Mimecast, Smarsh, and Digital Safe. BFSI Data stands out from the pack with its auto data classification and tagging, dedicated mobile app, unified data optic, data storage calculator, PremCloud flexible deployment, and, most importantly, the IP and source code ownership it offers.

With its unique features, BFSI Data’s Unified Data Optic can provide a competitive edge to an acquirer's existing archiving solutions, enabling them to offer a more comprehensive and customized data archiving service to their clients. The market value of Veritas, Proofpoint, Mimecast, and Smarsh proves that there is a significant market opportunity for data archiving services. With BFSI’s Unified Data Optic, an acquirer can capture a larger market share and generate higher revenues by offering a differentiated and innovative data governance and archiving service.

Strategic Positioning

In the BFSI industry, effective data governance and archiving are crucial for ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Unfortunately, many legal and compliance departments today rely on disparate technologies that are loosely connected with API frameworks, leading to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, increased costs, and risk of compliance and legal violations.


The BFSI Data Unified Data Optic is strategically positioned to meet this need by providing a unified solution for data governance and compliant archiving. Our proven technology has enabled leading financial institutions to confidently address their data governance functions, capturing all electronic communications, and structured and unstructured data required for long-term compliance preservation and eDiscovery.


Our purpose-built technology ensures that data is placed in an information management system that protects its integrity, effectuates retention and disposition, and provides our clients with powerful and fast enterprise-wide search capabilities when needed. By centralizing data in a unified repository, our clients can simplify and standardize the execution of their information governance and compliance programs, implementing retention, disposition, storage optimization, legal hold, and other policies across all their data.


These benefits also extend to legal and compliance teams when performing eDiscovery. They can quickly perform Early Case Assessment (ECA) across all in-scope data from one location, allowing them to easily identify relevant data and reduce the data set for ingestion into right-side technologies.


As a potential acquirer, you will have a strategically positioned solution that addresses a critical market challenge and provides significant value to BFSI clients.


Data archiving services are becoming increasingly important for enterprises that need to store and manage large volumes of data for long periods.  These services offer a cost-effective way to store and retrieve data while maintaining compliance with regulations and reducing the risk of data loss. According to a survey by the research firm Gartner, the average annual cost of data archiving services for enterprise users is around $25,000 to $50,000 per terabyte of data.

The Ai Data Cost Calculator focuses on utilizing AI technology to drive cost savings in data storage for organizations.  By accurately analyzing the impact of implementing Ai Data Detect and Advanced Archive solutions, it enables organizations to optimize their storage usage and reduce costs dramatically.


Acquire BFSI Data, Inc for total data compliance in the Financial Industry.

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