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Acquire UnBiasIt, LLC to expose inherent risk and eliminate bias in data.


UnBiasIt was built to be the world's most advanced Black-owned technology company.  Our mission is to provide the premier data governance solution that eliminates bias in communication, empowering organizations to achieve data quality proactively. By utilizing advanced data technologies, we expose inherent risk in both current and legacy data sources compromised by bias, providing unified bias-free data for better insights and decision-making.

UnBiasIt utilizes proprietary Data Management, monitoring, and compliance solutions designed to fully enable an organization to recognize and eliminate inherent bias and misconduct throughout their enterprise - as well as transform their distended data into a resource that can easily and accurately be drawn upon when needed for the critical information governance that is increasingly demanded of every enterprise.




The Technology

UnBiasIt’s Unified Data Stack is the industry leader in data governance and data management solutions - as well with generative AI.  Our Data Connect, Ai Data Detect, Data Drop, Advanced Archive, and Unified Data Optic is readily deployable in any cloud or on-premise environment.


IP Ownership

Gain significant market value with actual ownership of your data management IP [that would cost well over $50M to replicate our entire data stack], along with the flexibility of owning the Source Code.  All of which ensures unlimited deployment and total control.


Speed to Market

With the acquisition of UnBiasIt, you are not only gaining unrivaled intellectual property at a fraction of the full development cost, but immediate activation, performance, revenue, and value—as well as instant access to an expanded market.


Data Ownership

Data is considered the most valuable and vulnerable resource today. UnBiasIt's Unified Data Stack—with Advanced Archive and Ai Data Detect—provide total ownership and control over your data assets.


Exposing Inherent Risk & Eliminating Bias

UnBiasIt is a complete data governance solution that utilizes proprietary Data Management and compliance solutions to eliminate inherent bias and misconduct throughout an organization. Our approach transforms disorganized data into a resource that can be easily and accurately utilized for critical information governance. As the global market for Ai and machine learning grows, our solution is positioned to solve the growing bias problem in these technologies.


Unified Bias-Free Data

Unlike other critical assets, big data presents a unique challenge for organizations because it often lacks the identification necessary for proper recognition, storage, and utilization.  Ever-expanding data is created and accumulated in massive amounts from an almost endless array of sources, both internal and external [leading to confusion and ownership disputes, as well as contributing to the obfuscation of bias and misconduct].  The inherent disorientation in most organizations’ data optic often leads to costly mistakes, compliance violations, and litigation.  


By managing data effectively with our UnBiasIt data technologies, we provide our customers with a remarkable resource to access, integrate, cleanse, unify, govern, store, secure, eliminate bias, and prepare data to unlock its inherent value and maximum utilization. 


Most importantly, UnBiasIt provides bias-free data by exposing inherent risk in both current and legacy data compromised by bias.

The UnBiasIt suite of tools is designed to allow any organization to apply its expertise and enable greater transparency, bias-related or otherwise, across a wide range of data and communications types. This has been compelling in both the information technology as well as for human resources and diversity equity and inclusion stakeholders.


Unrecognized Bias 

Organizations often don't recognize the instances of bias in their data sets, both current and historical. Unidentified bias can lead to lawsuits, damaging PR, sanctions, fines, and other ethical violations. The risk of unknown data can put an organization in enormous jeopardy, as this distended data is metastasizing throughout an organization's applications and is hemorrhaging in its data centers.


Overwhelming Data 

In today's information age, data is king, but it has surpassed most organizations' capacity to manage or harness its inherent power and value. Much of this distended data is considered Dark Data, meaning that an organization does not know the nature or sensitivity of this content. This current and legacy data pose significant risks associated with compliance and social challenges, especially bias. 


Bias in Machine Learning

Machine learning applications are susceptible to bias, resulting in poor decision-making and unethical Ai. Biased data can lead to algorithms that perpetuate and amplify existing societal biases, such as gender and racial stereotypes, leading to discriminatory practices.


Our writing app is designed to identify and eliminate bias in written communications, ensuring that messages are free from bias and represent the organization's values of diversity and inclusion.

UnBiasIt’s Bias-Free Writing App is a real-time Ai-powered writing app designed to eliminate bias from communication. It uses a variety of endpoints to provide users with feedback on their writing, including identifying biased language and references, explaining why the specific text is biased, highlighting unconscious and subtle bias, and suggesting alternative phrasing to remove bias.


Acquire UnBiasIt, LLC to expose inherent risk and eliminate bias in data.

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